Leonid Shechtman

Sculptor ❘ Sculptures made of wood

Leonid Shechtman

Sculptor ❘ Sculptures made of wood
Carmiel, Israel

About me

My name is Leonid Shekhtman.
I was born in Baku (USSR), graduated from school in Sukhumi in 1955 and entered the Leningrad Institute of Water Transport Engineers. He graduated with a degree in shipbuilding engineer. He built and repaired ships in different cities and seas of the USSR.
In 1990 he immigrated to Israel. He worked at a factory. In 2003 he became a pensioner and returned to his old passion – Love for wood.
I was introduced to the wonderful sculptor Solomon Leviev, and I began to study sculpture with him.
The themes of my sculptures are music, Jewish life and all the diversity around.

Member of the Union of Artists and sculptors of Israel since 2009.

Permanent exhibitions are located in Karmiel (Israel)

Art participant

in Haifa, Nagaria, Karmiel. In 2018 I participated in the largest exhibition "Mamila" in Jerusalem

Personal exhibition
in Haifa

The Haifa Beit Chagall exhibition was a big success in 2009


For 10 years I have been teaching those who wish to sculpt wood sculptures and during this time I have developed my own method of teaching the sculpting of visually impaired people.
During this time, I trained 8 people who were able to continue sculpting at home after that.
In 2017, an exhibition of sculptures by my students Rafi bin Haim and Renata Zaidman was organized, which was a great success.
There were many visitors and there was a good article in the Karmiel News newspaper.

At the moment, the workshop in the Eshkolot club is closed due to the pandemic. Stay tuned for updates on the site.



+972 49 080 691


+972 52 652 6208




Leonid Shechtman

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